TTEngine is an AmigaOS/MorphOS library (named ttengine.library) for rendering high quality text using TrueType fonts. TTEngine is based on FreeType2 project. It is not a plain straightforward FreeType port however. TTEngine has many additional functionality implemented, so it may be considered a higher level font rendering and management library on top of FreeType rasterizing engine. Currently supported platforms are: AmigaOS 3/68k, AmigaOS 4/PowerPC and MorphOS/PowerPC. Here are key features of TTEngine:

(*) Measured with speed test included in example programs in TTEngine archive, on Pegasos II equipped with PowerPC G4 1.0 GHz and Radeon 9200SE, with Arial font, JAM1 mode without antialiasing.

TTEngine is used by following programs:


Dámaso Domínguez submitted a Spanish catalog for TTEManager. Archives and MorphUp package updated.

Stefan Haubenthal submitted an updated version of German catalog for TTEmanager. Archives and MorphUp package updated.

Added Russian catalog for TTEManager written by Vlad Vinogradov. Both plain archives and MorphUp package updated.

TTEngine 7.2 final is released today. It contains speedy direct render hook active for BGRA32 mode screens. There is also support for fonts with names encoded in MS Symbol encoding, for example Marlett font is no more problematic. There is also a small change in database parser, fixing possible Enforcer hits. A special Christmas gift for MorphOS users is the availability of TTEngine as MorphUp packages (see details in Files section). MorphUp is a very nice package management system by Rupert Hausberger and I hope more and more of MorphOS software will be available through it.


TTEManager has been included in the main archive and is no more available as separate archive.

File Version
TTEngine for AmigaOS 3 7.2 final
TTEngine for AmigaOS 4 7.2 release candidate 4
TTEngine for MorphOS 7.2 final
TTEngine sources 7.2 final
ViewISO 1.1

MorphUp logo MorphUp

MorphOS version of TTEngine is available via MorphUp package management system. Just use this link as a MorphUp server URL. The server provides three packages: TTEngine package is for users, it contains ttengine.library and TTEManager. TTEngineDev package contains developer files: compiler headers, autodocs and examples with sources. The last package, named TTEngineSrc contains current TTEngine sources snapshot from the CVS.